Press Release


STEAMworkPHILLY had the privilege to work with artists Miriam Simun and Miriam Songster and played a key role in coordinating the Philadelphia and world premiere of GhostFood: an interactive art project in the form of a food truck. 

​The two artists posed the question, how will people eat when global warming has changed our environment? The GhostFood menu offered synthesized flavor experiences as substitutes for potentially endangered foods: chocolate, cod, and peanut butter.

​"Each of the three foods that we serve have their own very particular stories … We did three foods from three different climates to bring that out — rain forests, grasslands, and oceans are all facing their own changes . . . We’re offering free samples of the future."
-- Miriam Simun

​STEAMworkPHILLY provided logistical and marketing support and arranged to place the project in the annual citywide Fall festival, DesignPhilly. STEAMworkPHILLY also created opportunities for local organizations and businesses to partner with the GhostFood project, creating unique collaborative opportunities for all involved.