The STEAM*team is a diverse and creative group of energized professionals that condensearound wide ranging challenges. We are think tank and a do tank. We use Design Thinking and STEAMwork to cultivate ideas, initiate collective practice and ignite creative agency.
Dan Schimmel
Reyna Boyer
Leslie Birch
Mónica López-González
Ben Volta
Andrew Cameron Zahn
Maureen Craig
Christopher Rogers
Chris Manzione
Willis Humphrey
Peter Lloyd Jones
Tracey ​Welson-Rossman
Jonathan Kirschner 
Fern Gookin       Billy Dufala
Jeff Pastva
Mimi Sheller
Folasshade Laud-Hammond 
Christina Kazakia-Staurinos
Robert Fest
Fred Wilf
Frank Taney
Angelina Conti